Does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing RIGHT NOW with the touch of a button??

It does with HERO !!

IN TIMES OF NEED instantly share video, sound and location with your friends, family and even the people around you – on your mobile device !!


Hero can help me walking home late at night !!
Hero can help me locate my lost child !!
Hero can help me locate my friends and family !!
Hero can help me find my lost dog !!
Hero can help me find my stolen bike !!
Hero can help me from being robbed !!
Hero can help me stay clear of that drunk driver !!
Hero can help me stop that bully !!
Hero can help keep my neighborhood safe !!
Hero can help me in a car accident !!
and much much more !!

Introducing HERO, a revolutionary new geo-location, crowd-sourcing solution to instantly connect with Heroes in times of need !!
Invite your Facebook Friends, Family and other contacts to be your HERO, and be their HERO for FREE !!

Emergency Alerts
Custom Alerts
Instant Crowd Alerts
Hero Tracking
Facebook Login
Alert & Location Mapping
Connect and Post With Heroes via Facebook, Twitter, & SMS
And much much more…


HERO™ is a revolutionary, geo-location, crowd-sourcing mobile application helping you in times of need by instantly streaming video, audio and GPS from your smartphone to all your friends, family, neighbors, AND even the people around you up to 5 MILES away in just seconds !!
And, because the data is stored in the cloud, its still available to others even if your phone is damaged or lost. HERO also lets you say, never mind, I’m ok. This function tells your Heroes youre safe, and removes all the data instantly from the cloud.


You are walking home late at night and a suspicious character approaches you !! Tap the HERO button and your device starts sharing video, sounds and your location to everyone around you in seconds !!

Your child gets lost in a crowded area. With HERO, everyone around you -up to 5 MILES- can receive an instant alert notification on their smartphone -IN SECONDS- with your childs picture and communicate with each other to help locate your child !! Once the child is found, you resolve the alert and all data is instantly erased.

Theres an armed robbery or a traffic accident nearby. Heroes can notify you to avoid that area. Plus Hero can help locate your friends and family wherever they are and even locate your phone if lost or stolen !! And show the location of your Facebook friends !!

And thousands of other daily scenarios HERO can help !!

Powered by the new amazing Hero Geo-Location Technology Feature !!


So cool !! Im inviting all my Facebook friends and family to be my Hero !! And I’m going to be their Hero for FREE !!

How can someone not have this app !! Hero is a must have for everyone !! Its so cool to share instant video with my friends. Awesome !!

Five Stars! – Love everything about this App !! The graphics are excellent, the controls are easy and fast to use and best of all, it’s the app my friends and I will be using all the time !!