Elizabeth Smart Endorses Mobile App: Hero


Elizabeth Smart Endorses Mobile App: Hero

Apptooth Launches HERO™ A Social Media App that Shares Instant Video and GPS in Times of Need

Apptooth , a leading mobile app development studio today launched a new patent-pending mobile application called Hero™ available in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Google Play for Android.

Potential Scenarios:

Walking home late at night and a suspicious character approaches. Tap the HERO button and device starts sharing video, sounds and location to everyone in the immediate vicinity in seconds.

Child gets lost in a crowded area. With HERO, every Hero app user -up to 5 MILES- can receive an instant alert notification on their smartphone -IN SECONDS- with the childs picture and communicate with each other to help locate the child. Once the child is found, resolve alert and all data is instantly erased.

Theres an armed robbery or a traffic accident nearby. Heroes can notify to avoid that area. Plus Hero can help locate friends and family wherever they are and even locate the phone if lost or stolen. And show the location of Facebook friends.

Hero™ Features Summary:

Users can invite friends and family to be their Heroes from numerous social media networks including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Upon pressing the HERO icon on a smartphone in times of need, the user can share instant video, audio and GPS coordinates to his or her social network and other HERO app users within a five-mile radius – powered by geo-location technology.
Track real-time location of your Facebook friends and family – your Hero network.
The app is a unique combination of powerful social networking, crowd-sourcing and geo-location features.Hero™ can be downloaded for FREE in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Google Play for Android.
Developed by mobile app development studio Apptooth,

With the rise of social media and use of mobile devices, individuals have the ability to serve as the eyes and ears during times of need. Time is of the essence in cases of abductions, robberies, stolen property, car accidents, lost pets and numerous other similar situations.

Mobile app developer Apptooth today introduced HERO™, a mobile app that provides the ability to instantly stream live video, audio and GPS coordinates from a smartphone to all your Heroes and even the crowd around you within five-miles.

The new technology is endorsed by Elizabeth Smart and backed by Brett Tolman, former U.S. Attorney, who spearheaded the prosecution of her abductor. Elizabeth’s abduction and recovery motivated parents, law enforcement, and worldwide leaders to focus on child safety. In the 10 years since her abduction, Smart has become an advocate for change and through the Elizabeth Smart Foundation has helped increase awareness of personal safety and how to prevent abductions.

“In times of need, with a simple tap of an icon, the user of the HERO app can instantly share video, audio and GPS coordinates, capturing vital information and sending it to the user’s social network and to other HERO subscribers within a five-mile radius,” said George Matus, Apptooth Founder and CEO. “Subscribers can select a range of features including emergency, custom and instant crowd alerts; HERO tracking; Facebook login and alert and location mapping. Uses of the HERO app can apply to a variety of scenarios including child abduction, robbery, assault, car accidents as well as less serious situations such as a lost dog, flat tire, etc HERO is a powerful tool combining Social Media with Crowd-Sourcing and Geo-location technology on a smartphone.”